Frequently Asked Questions - Lash Extensions

Our Lash Promise...

As the only Registered and Certified Xtreme lash Stylist in the Hunter region I have undergone advanced lash training and education and did not just receive a qualification, but had to prove my certification over a period of 10 months to gain my certified Xtreme Lash Stylist certificate and now have 5 years experience doing so. Xtreme stylist use only the highest quality lashes in Australia and the ONLY black medical grade adhesive on the market. Every Design and set is developed and tailored to your individual needs and requirements and we will NOT provide lash designs that are too long or too thick for your natural lashes to support.

How often will I need a relash?

As a certified Xtreme Lash Stylist I advise to maintain your lashes every 2 – 3 weeks. We use the only black medical grade eyelash adhesive on the market which allows your extensions to act the same as your natural lashes. Your natural lashes are constantly growing and each one is at a different stage of growth. On average we lose 3-5 lashes natural lashes every day. At this rate your extensions require maintenance every 2-3 weeks. This also depends on how well you care for your lashes. Some people do stretch it to 4 weeks, but this cause a lot of lashes to grow out and get tangled which require a peel off protocol to be used which in turn takes longer will make the appointment more expensive.

Do lash extensions hurt?

No Lash extensions do not during or after application. To become a certified Xtreme lash stylist we must pass a very strict process that includes using a specific isolation technique that allows us to apply extensions safely and effective and with every lash extension applied 1.5mm from your eyelid.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

When eyelash extensions are applied correctly, they cannot damage your natural lashes. I am highly trained to only apply one extension to one natural lash, 1.5mm from your lid. Your lash design will only include lengths that your natural lashes can support. The Xtreme isolation technique also prevents any clumping. You also need to care for your eyelash extensions by not rubbing or picking at them to avoid damage.

How do I care for my lashes?

Avoid water, steam and any humidity for 12 hours after your treatment - Brush and comb your lashes daily - Cleanse and clean your lashes regularly - Do not use products that contain oil in the orbital eye area - Be gentle and caring to your lashes - Avoid using mascara and never us waterproof mascara - Book relashes in advance - And of course tell everyone where you had your lashes done!

Can I remove my Lash Extensions?

Of course you can. We can soak them off professionally for you using a de-bonding agent that is completely painless at any time.

I recently had an eyelash tint or lift. Can I still have a set of extensions?

After an eyelash tint we recommend waiting 48hours for any residue to be completely gone and so the hair shaft has sufficient to close. After an eyelash lift we recommend waiting 2-3 weeks for the curl to drop slightly, depending on your curl. Lash extensions may not sit correctly on a freshly permed lash and the adhesion point may not be as strong which would affect the longevity. If you are concerned that you lashes are to straight for lash extensions we can discuss this in your design consult and use a tighter curl such as an X50 (D curl) to really open your eye.

How long do they take to apply?

For your appointment please allow at least 1.5 hours. This will allow time to for your consultation and enough time to apply your lashes as we use two sets of tweezers to correctly isolate one natural lash then adhere one single extension. On average each design has a minimum of 100+ lashes per eye.

What if I arrive with mascara or unclean lashes?

Please arrive eye makeup-free and with clean lashes. If you do arrive with mascara or unclean lashes you will be charged a $10 surcharge as this requires extra cleansing and drying time. What is the difference between Lashes and Curls? X40 curl is commonly known as a C curl and mimics the natural curve you achieve when mascara is applied to your natural lashes. This curl is, mainly used for a natural set. X50 curl is commonly known as D curl and is a slightly more dramatic curl that really opens the eye, great for small closed eyes and can be used in both natural and glamorous designs.

​Mink Xtreme lashes created the faux mink X Wrap that replicates the natural lash. They developed this lash to be 53% lighter than any other lash fibre on the market, they have an x shaped base that provides superior interlocking between the extension and natural lash, increased retention and longevity and increased curl retention, more resistant to twisting and interlocking. They provide a dark thick base line and a very fine tapered tip. Can be applied in any thickness to your desired design. These are applied one to one.

Hybrid essentially means it is a mix between a classic set and a Russian volume set. This design utilises both the faux mink fibre explained above and the Fan or Stack described below. They provide a well defined style providing ‘fluffly’ volume for a softer classic set.


Bold Volume This set uses only precisely made fans or stacks which is where an extremely thin lash 0.03mm thickness are used to create a fan which may be called 3D, 4D, 5D, or even 6D. We only provide a 3D or 4D fan to ensure optimal healthy extensions and maintain healthy natural lashes. 3D means that 3 fibres that are 0.03mm thick are used together to create a fan shape. These lashes are NOT clusters that you apply with your makeup. These fans provide a lot of volume to designs and can be very light and fluffy or very dramatic but still delicate.

What do i need to do prior to my appointment?

Please schedule your appointment two weeks in advance If you need to cancel or change you must provide 24hours notice. Ensure your lashes are clean and makeup free Ensure it’s been 48 hours since your last eyelash tint Keep in mind that your eyes are closed throughout the entire appointment and our clinic does not cater for little ones as it is a medical clinic. Allow 12 hours for no sweating, steam, gyms for after your lashes have been applied Please avoid doing a HIIT workout or consuming caffeine prior to your appointment as this can be your eyelids ‘flutter’ and will make your application process a lot longer.


A Relash must be made in advance and please note for WHS reasons we DO NOT relash over other lash work. We can remove your current lashes and schedule a new Xtreme design for you.