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Eyebrow Tattoo


Nano Feathering


Also known as feathering, we specialize in creating digital machine nano hair strokes. This technique places micro hair stroked throughout your brow adding thickness and shape. This does not provide a filled in look.

before and after of eyebrow feathering
before and after of ombre brow tattoo

Ombre Brow


Also known as powder brows, this is an extremely versatile technique. The ombre look is created with a digital machine and is designed to look like makeup, brow powder or pencil that has been brushed through your brow. This can look extremely natural or very bold and defined; the choice is yours.

This technique adds definition, colour and thickness.


Combination Brow


Combo brows is both of the techniques mentioned above used in the brow. Generally, we put hair strokes at the start of the brow and some throughout the top and bottom to help give the brow a strong structure. Then, we add some shading through the tail and mid-section of the brow. This technique can be extremely natural and very bold depending on your individual design.

before and after of combination brow tattoo

- Traci

After many years of contemplating and researching eyebrow tattoos, I’m so glad that I chose The Mek Clinic!

I was so comfortable throughout the procedure and I’m soooo happy with the result that I wished I hadn’t waited.

I would definitely recommend The Mek Clinic if you’re considering permanent make-up.
  • How do I know which Tattoo technique to choose?
    When you come in for your brow appointment Emily will go through many deciding factors such as skin condition and type, your lifestyle and your personal preference. Please go through our gallery and see which styles stand out to you. Regardless of which brow you select when booking, this can always be changed on the day based on the outcome of your consultation.
  • Does it hurt?
    Discomfort levels vary from person to person. Topical anaesthetic can be applied 25 mins before the procedure otherwise we will apply this during your procedure (this is the most effective). However, it is not required. If you think you would like topical anaesthetic, please let us know when you book your appointment.
  • How many treatments are needed?
    Cosmetic tattooing is a two-phase process. After your initial appointment, we have a follow-up perfection visit that must be done no less than 4 weeks and no more than 8 weeks after. This ensures longevity and to achieve the perfect look for your brows. If you have little to no natural brow hair, you may require a third appointment at an additional cost. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment
  • Can I wear makeup to my appointment?
    Yes you can wear makeup on the day to your appointment if you wish. Emily will remove what she needs to before she starts.
  • How is the colour chosen?
    We have a beautiful range of natural pigments to suit all skin types. Your pigment will be selected based on your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and your desired look that you are after. The technique we use will also affect the colour we choose.
  • How long do they take to settle?
    The first couple of days your brows will appear darker than your chosen colour. This is because the pigment hasn’t healed under the skin yet. The best time to have a good look at the colour is three weeks after your first appointment. The colour will then be much softer and settled in the skin. Emily will go through the full healing process with you in your consultation.
  • Do I need to shape them before my appointment?
    No. We ask that you do not shape, wax or tweeze your brows leading up to your appointment as our mapping process is very precise and it is best to have as much natural hair so we can create natural and sustainable brows for you.
  • How long do they last?
    Depending on the technique, brows can last up to 12 months to 2 years but we recommend a colour refresh every 12 months to stop your brows from fading out and pigment changes occurring.
  • Can I have brow tattoo while pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Unfortunately, we cannot do the procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • How do I care for my new brows?
    The first 14 days are the most important and you must NOT: Get them wet Put any product on them (makeup or skin care) Scratch or pick at them Tint them Sweat Have direct sunlight on them We will provide you with tattoo aftercare cream that you apply for the first 5-7 days, after that you need to allow them to heal. You can still wear makeup on your face, but just blend around the brow and do not apply makeup on the brow. After 14 days, you can go back to your normal routine and enjoy your new brows!
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